Shipping and payment

National Shipping

Shipments within Germany is for free.

Shipping within Germany up to 0.5 kg will made with German Post above 0.5kg with DHL.

The total weight is obtained from the individual weights specified in the article description, not a weight surcharge for packaging will made.

International Shipping

For delivery to non-European countries or non-EU countries, additional country-specific import duties, if applicable customs fees, service fees and possibly incur import sales tax. The amount of the fee depends on the country of delivery. Please ask for these fees at your customs office on site. These charges are payable by you.

20g: 4,60 €

up to 50g: 5,20 €

up to 0,5 kg: 7.20 €

to 1.0 kg: 10,50 €

The international shipping up to 1.0 kg will made with German Post as registered mail.

The total weight is obtained from the individual weights specified in the article description, not a weight surcharge for packaging will made.

International shipping up to 31.5 kg will made with DHL. On a total weight of 31.5 kg, a mail order only by appointment.

Shipping costs above 1.0 kg for the following countries:

It apply the delivery times in each item description for shipments within Germany when the advance payment from the day after the customers money order; for other payments from the day after signing the contract.

For other countries, in addition successful enteric delivery time must be added to calculate the delivery date:


Target region Working days
Western, Central Europe 2-4
Scandinavia 2-4
Southern, Eastern Europe 3-7
Middle East 6-9
Africa 6-12
USA and Canada 6-12
Japan 6-12
China 6-12
Australia 4-7
South America 6-15


Belgium Monaco
Bulgaria Netherlands (including areas outside Europe)
Denmark (except Faroe Islands and Greenland), Austria
Estonia, Poland
Finland (excluding Åland Islands) Portugal
France (including overseas departments and territories), Romania
Greece (except mountain Athos), Sweden
The UK (except Channel Islands) Slovakia
Ireland, Slovenia
Italy (except Livigno and Campione d'Italia), Spain (except Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla)
Latvia Czech Republic
Hungary, Lithuania
Luxembourg Cyprus (except northern part)

1.0 kg to 5kg:  17.00€
up to 10kg:  22.00€
up to 20kg:  32.00€
up to 31.5kg:  42.00€

Aland Islands (Finland), Croatia
Andorra Liechtenstein
Albania Livigno (Italy)
Belarus, Macedonia
Mount Athos (Greece) Melilla (Spain)
Bosnia-Herzegovina Moldova
Campione d'Italia (Italy), Montenegro
Ceuta (Spain), Norway
Faroe Islands (Denmark), Russian Federation
Georgia San Marino
Gibraltar (UK), Switzerland
Greenland (Denmark), Serbia
Iceland Turkey
Channel Islands (Great Britain) Ukraine
Canary Islands (Spain) Vatican City
Kosovo, Cyprus (northern part)

1.0 kg to 5kg: 30.00€
up to 10kg:  35.00€

up to 20kg:  45.00€
up to 31.5kg:  55.00€

Egypt, Lebanon
Algeria, Libya
Armenia Morocco
Azerbaijan St. Pierre and Miquelon (France)
Israel, Syria
Jordan, Tunisia
Canada United States of America

1.0 kg to 5kg: 36.00€
up to 10kg: 47.00€

up to 20kg: 68.00€
up to 31.5: 89.00€


All other countries not listed:

1.0 kg to 5kg:  42.00€
up to 10kg:  59.00€
up to 20kg: 91.00€
up to 31.5kg: 123.00€


Methods of Payments

The dispatch of the goods takes place exclusively against prepayment.

The following payments are possible:

- Prepayment by bank transfer
- Payment via PayPal
- Payment by PayPal Express
- Payment by PayPal (credit card, direct debit, invoice if applicable)
- Payment by installment (via PayPal)
- Payment by amazon payments

Bank transfers are only possible within Germany and from other European countries. For all other countries only payment via PayPal or Amazon Pay is possible.

If you have chosen bank transfer as your payment method, you will be given all the necessary information for a national or international transfer. We check incoming payments several times a day, so that there is hardly any time difference between payment and shipping compared to PayPal.

Delivery times

If no other deadline is stated in the respective offer, the delivery of the goods within Germany (Germany) takes place within 1 - 3 working days, foreign deliveries can deviate depending on the destination country after contract conclusion (with agreed advance payment after the time of your payment order).
Please note that there is no delivery on Sundays and public holidays.
If you have ordered items with different delivery times, we will ship the goods in a single shipment, unless we have agreed otherwise with you. The delivery time in this case is determined by the article with the longest delivery time you have ordered.